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In a world with endless information right at our fingertips and an abundance of conflicting information, at times it can be easier to wind up with more questions than answers. We exist to simplify and demystify the recruiting process. We are here to answer the most common question: What's the next step?




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Bottom Line - You get information directly from the coach's point of view about the most misunderstood aspects of recruiting.

Next Step Sports Advisement provides a unique body of knowledge to student athletes and families. This enables them to simplify, understand, and navigate the recruiting process en route to collegiate level of play and beyond. Our goal is to clearly present and define knowledge of attributes necessary in order to reach the next level both academically and athletically while providing a one on one, consultative relationship working closely with athletes to create and implement action plans to achieve their goals.

Next Step Sports Advisement strives to assist student athletes in finding a collegiate team of their sport in the most efficient manner possible by using our relationships and reputation to make direct contact with the best coaches and schools the athlete’s skills and grades allow while minimizing the travel, time, and monetary commitments made by the athlete and family. The recruiting process is unique to the individual. There is no “one size fits all” and there is wide variance as to what each student-athlete should do next to put themselves in a position to succeed. Regardless of where the athlete falls on the spectrum, regardless of current skills, grades, age, height, physical condition or limitations, we exist to answer the number one question in each athlete’s individual recruiting process: what’s the next step?

JUST US? - THINK AGAIN: through existing relationships and like-minded coaches, we've been able to compile a "recruiting encyclopedia" of information and helpful tips from top 25 NCAA, NJCAA and NAIA coaches & recruiting coordinators across the country.


What sets us apart? Personalization and people. We are not another mass marketing recruiting agency. We work one on one. We know you, your hobbies, your talents, your goals. What else? All of our advisors have coached and/or played at the collegiate level, giving clients a unique view through a "coach's eye" and guidance as to just what they are looking for.

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