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Get Committed

What are you doing to separate yourself
from 7+ million other student-athletes?

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The Problems

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    Evolving recruiting landscape now easier to be seen, more difficult to get noticed
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    One size fits all “recruiting services” selling to parents, overselling to coaches
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    Endless options for camps, showcases, tournaments, travel teams with no clear path what's best for you as an athlete
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    Too little education re: scholarship numbers, levels of play, collegiate governing bodies
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    What education is out there often comes from the “recruiting services” previously mentioned
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    Easy to be left at a crossroads wondering “what’s the next step?”
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The Answer

Next. Step. Sports.

The company formed by former collegiate coaches, players, and professional scouts who became convinced someone out there needs to do this right.

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    The leading organization in helping athletes and families take the next step in their recruiting journey
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    Recruiting guidance from real people who have lived it
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    Fully comprehensive, 100% personalized
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    Education first recruiting guidance
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    We work with college coaches and relay their best advice to families as seen in our Dos and Don’ts of recruiting
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    Dedicated to finding the best athletes the best fit
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The Difference

Forget One Size Fits All ---- the recruiting process will be as unique as your fingerprint. There’s an old saying that when all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail. We tailor our services to the individual athlete. There’s a lot of confusion, questions and opportunities along the way. We exist to help athletes find the right fit and make sure the next step is the right step.

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The Results

Don't just take our word for it. Read from the perspective of a few players, parents, and coaches who have experienced our work first-hand.

Parent Perspective
Brad Baumler
Father of Carter Baumler, TCU Commit
Consulting with Next Step Sports was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  They are true professionals in the industry and helped us through the recruiting process which can be confusing.  Next Step helped us sift through what we should and shouldn’t be doing; they worked behind the scenes every step of the way.  I’m grateful we used Next Step Sports and would recommend them to anyone looking for help in the recruiting process.
Athlete Perspective
Keaton McKinney
I think what Next Step is doing is incredible. It’s been long overdue for a group to exist like this. When college coaches call these guys they know they’re going to get honesty. When parents call these guys, they know they’re going to get honesty from people who have lived this. I couldn’t recommend Next Step more.
Parent Perspective
Rush Nigut
Father of Will Nigut (Kirkwood) and Alec Nigut (University of Iowa)
We used Next Step Sports to help advise on recruiting for both of our sons. They are an invaluable resource. Our advisor educated us on the recruiting process and also enabled us to find great fits with schools for our kids to play college baseball. He took the time to answer all of my questions and always provided me honest feedback. Most importantly, I know our advisor (David) cares about my kids and wants them to be successful. His input and guidance is a major reason they are fulfilling their dreams of playing college baseball.
Club Team Perspective
Mike Mahoney
Former MLB catcher Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Founder of the Iowa Sticks
We stayed away from recruiting services and advising for a long time. Things changed a lot when we met the guys at Next Step. They're different because they've done it. These are former coaches, players and scouts who speak the same language we do. They're education driven. Like us, Next Step makes long-term development of the student athlete a priority. It's been a terrific partnership working with Next Step.
College Coach Perspective
D1 Recruiting Coordinator *
Experience: MiLB, SEC, Summit League, MVC, NJCAA
I know that when I call Next Step I’m going to get honest feedback. Next Step has been a huge resource for us and we’ve been able to get several of their athletes. Every recruiting organization can learn from the way Next Step operates. They do things right.
* Current NCAA compliance prohibits the listing of an NCAA employee/coach's name on recruiting testimonial. Quote obtained is property of Next Step Sports. Coach interview occurred 1/16/2019.
Athlete Perspective
Casey Young
Winterset IA, University of Nebraska Omaha Commit
Next Step Sports brings personal experience and honesty to a process that can be challenging for many kids. Throughout my recruiting process, it was incredibly helpful to have people with so many connections constantly advocating on my behalf and answering many questions I had. My player rep's conversation with the coaches at my future college was the sole catalyst in my relationship with those coaches, and I am very thankful to have had somebody with that much influence in my corner during the past few years. I recommend Next Step Sports to anyone who wants honest and professional people on their side.

Our Services

Proven, professional and personalized advice from now until we find the best fit for you. 1 on 1 and/or monthly services available.
Your primary marketing tool. Store all information in one place, update your all-important numbers, grades, videos and attach links to outside profiles.
Next Step U
A hub for recruiting information featuring articles and additional resources to answer many FAQ while providing behind the scenes knowledge to recruits.
No longer a perk but a pre-requisite to recruiting, a high quality realistic skills video is often the first thing coaches will ask to see.